Reel Men

Smokey, xbigfOotx and Scoobe

Here are three guys who don't let anything get in the way of their fishing! They were already set up and ready for action when I arrived shortly after 5:00am! I thought I'd be the first obsessed fisherman there! The weather was enough to drive off most of the regulars but these guys stayed out even after I could no longer take the brutal punishing of a steady ENE wind and cold rain battering us this morning!

I only picked up 4 or 5 fish but these guys got 10 or more apiece. Scoobe got the most fish out of our group, for a while it seemed what ever he fished with was working. I was confident my blue Storm shad would do the trick as it had earlier in the week but I had to put on my sluggo to get most of my fish! I got of a couple of good pictures but it rained too hard to get more.

Smokey xbigfOotx