One Fish Two Fish Bluefish!!!!!
One Fish Two Fish
Bluefish at the Refuge!!!!!

Went out to the Refuge this morning and glad I did. The weather was perfect for Bluefish and sure enough they were there. I met a guy named Burt at the Tackle shop at 5:15 am. He was new to the area so I told him were I was headed. When I was packing up to head out I wasn't surprised when he pulled up and joined us. After casting my first bait out I decided to make a few cast with my Charlie Graves, I hadn't been cranking it in more then a few feet when Wham!!!! I was on a nice Blue of course this fish threw the tin and got off but we knew we were in for a good day. After a while Tony showed up, He always knows when the fish are in! I got 3 or 4 but Burt got 5 or 6 and Tony got a couple! I am sure I will be bumping into them again.

July 28th
Tony Burt
Bluefish at the Bar!!!!!

Got to pop for Bluefish today! Best day I've had with the Blues in Years. I was fishing for stripers with Tony (lngbmb80) Aiello and noticed that a few guys were getting small bluefish on clams. I went into my bag and pulled out the only popper I had which was a 2 1/2 oz Creek Chub. Started popping and within a few minutes was on a feisty Blue! Got 5 in all but lost 2 for some reason. I was shooting to get my daily bag limit of 10!

Tony was nice enough to help me heft them to my jeep and also took a really nice picture for me!